Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer: Essential Tips



Summer can be a fun time for outdoor activities with your dog, but it’s essential to keep them cool and comfortable as temperatures rise. Here are some tips to ensure your furry friend stays safe and cool during the hot summer months. Check out the links below to our website for some great savings on summer care products! 

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Recognise Signs of Overheating

Watch for:

  🐾  Excessive panting and drooling

🐶 Rapid breathing

🐾 Lethargy or weakness

🐶 Vomiting or diarrhea

If you notice these signs, take action immediately to cool your dog down and contact your vet if symptoms persist.

Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool

Provide Plenty of Water

🐾 Hydration: Ensure your dog always has access to fresh, cool water.

🐶 Tips: Carry a portable water bottle and bowl when you’re out and about. Check out our Portable Pet Water Bottle and Transportable Camp Bowl.

🐾 Treat: Want to treat your dog in the heat? Check out our new Woof & Brew Paw Pops Freeze Pops!

Avoid Peak Heat Hours

🐾  Timing: Walk your dog early in the morning or late in the evening when temperatures are cooler.

 🐶 Avoid Hot Surfaces: Tarmac, pavements, and sand can become extremely hot and burn your dog’s paws. Test surfaces with your hand before allowing your dog to walk on them. A good rule of thumb is you should be able to touch the surface for 5 seconds continuously.

Create Cool Spaces

🐾  Indoors: Use fans or air conditioning to keep indoor areas cool.

🐶 Outdoors: Provide shaded areas in your yard where your dog can escape the sun.

Use Cooling Products

🐾  Cooling Mats and Vests: Specially designed cooling mats and vests help regulate your dog’s body temperature. Check out our Dog Cooling Blanket and Cooling Bandana, both in our sale now!

🐶 DIY Cooling: Dampen a bandana with cool water and place it around your dog’s neck. Try our Cooling Towels for added comfort.

Limit Exercise

🐾 Moderation: Reduce the intensity and duration of exercise during hot weather.

  🐶 Water Play: Incorporate water-based activities like swimming or playing with a sprinkler to keep your dog cool while exercising.


🐾 Regular Brushing: Regular grooming helps remove excess fur and allows better air circulation. Try our DOG by Dr Lisa - Slicker Brushes

🐶 Summer Haircuts: Consider a shorter trim for long-haired breeds, but avoid shaving your dog’s coat completely, as it provides protection from the sun.

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    Emergency Measures for Overheating

    🐾 Immediate Cooling: Move your dog to a cooler area, offer small amounts of water, and apply cool (not cold) wet towels to their body. 

    🐶 Vet Attention: If symptoms of overheating persist, seek veterinary care immediately.


      Keeping your dog cool in summer is essential for their health and happiness. By providing plenty of water, avoiding peak heat hours, creating cool spaces, and using cooling products, you can help your dog enjoy the summer safely. For more tips, products, and professional grooming services to keep your dog comfortable in any season, visit us in store at any of our Wild Bush locations. Make the warm weather enjoyable for you and your dog!


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